Custom Mattresses

Special size pricing are based on cuts of the width and length of the mattress. Depending on the quality of the mattress you want, each cutting cost is a standard $50 fee adding on to the base price. For example: if you choose the Silver Anniversary Matt to be cut to a dimension of 48x72, you would take the full mattress price of $310 and add the (2) cutting cost fee of $50 to it which will give you a balance of $410.

Custom Mattress Foundation

Special cutting for the width and the length is a standard $30 for each way and $20 for low profile. For example, if you need a foundation to be cut to 48x72 at a height of 4”, you would take the price of a full size which is $89 and add the (2) cutting cost of $30 along with the low profile fee of $20 which will give you a balance of $169. We also can build split foundation for an additional cost of $50.

Antique Bed Corner Cut Out or Rabbit Edge

We custom make mattress and foundation for antique beds which sometimes requires corner cut out or rabbit edge. The standard price for each corner cutout on a mattress is $80 per cut. For corner cuts on a foundation its $60 per cut or $80 for a rabbit edge.

Water Bed Replacement

We carry over 5 different models of water bed replacements.

Custom Sleep Sofa/Cot Mattress

Boat/RV Mattresses